1. Transportation for school children is arranged by the school for those reside in the locality as
    per their requirement. The school buses ply through the main roads and halts at fixed places.
    Arrangement therefore must be made by the guardians to bring the children to the bus stop
    and take them back home. A seat in the bus is not guaranteed.
  2. The school buses ply through the locality covering aprox 20 Kilometers radius centering
    around the school.
  3. Conveyance fee is to be paid monthly along with tuition fees. Fee of an entire month will be
    charged even for partial use of the conveyance in any month.
  4. The conveyance facility is directly under the control of the Principal. Any suggestion or
    complaint may be made only to the Principal and not to the bus staffs.
  5. No student is allowed to change the assigned bus or trip without prior permission.
  6. Conveyance facilities may be withdrawn for discipline reasons by the management.
  7. To discontinue the facility one has to give a written application mentioning the details of the