1. The Duly- Filled Application Forms;
  2. 3 Passport Size Photograph of the child.
  3. Post Card size (4” x 6”) Photograph of the child with parents.
  4. For Pre-Nursery Age Minimum 3 Years 8 Months & Maximum 4 Years 4 months .
  5. One copy of the Birth Certificate issued by the Govt.
  6. One Photo copy of Residential Certified Copy/Proof (Phone bill/Ration Card)
  7. One copy of pupil’s Aadhar Card.


 Admission is taken on the basis of Admission Test Result.
 No specific syllabus is prescribed for the admission test, but a child must have sufficient knowledge of the subject appropriate for the class
lower than that in which he/she desires admission.
 Verification Session consists of observing the child and verifying the data furnished in the application.
 Incomplete forms will be automatically rejected.
 A child is not selected if he/she is judged too big, too small, over aged, under aged regardless of the date of birth given in the Application
 Admission is not granted by capitation fee/donation. Please don’t sway by the people promising you admission on this ground.
 Approaching the school authority through third party will incur automatic disqualification.
 The school reserves rights to admission. The parents will strictly abide by the decision of the School in respect to the selection/ non-
selection of the child. Hence post queries will not be entertained if the child is not selected.

Please note the presence of the candidate along with the Parent’s (Father & Mother) is absolute necessary at the time of admission.